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Contract Research Map Updated!

Colin Burton on September 5, 2012

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for their comments and feedback regarding our site, Contract Research Map. It is growing faster than we anticipated, and we are happy to provide another useful resource to the pharma and biotech community! As promised, we have added a new group of locations to Contract Research Map to give our users expanded coverage of areas of interest.

Amongst the feedback we received were requests from CROs and other service and product oriented providers to have their company included on Contract Research Map as well. Rest assured, we are working towards including all companies on the map, however we are limiting it right now to only the clickable areas shown on the site’s front page.

If your company is in one of those areas, but isn’t showing up on the map then please be sure you have updated your company profile on Scientist’s Backoffice. After logging in, click the Your Company button in the navigation at the top, and then select the Locations tab.