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Contract Research Maps

Colin Burton on July 23, 2012

Over the years, Scientist has accumulated a lot of data about many aspects of the drug discovery and life science industry. It has always been a goal of our company to put this information to good use, and our first major attempt at doing so is through a new website we have launched called Contract Research Map (CRM).

Contract Research Map allows the user to select from one of currently 14 regions around the globe, and then view a map of that region that shows all CROs, CMOs, and other related companies. From there the user can search for a specific company by name or find multiple companies by keyword. We will add new regions over time; if there are specific locations you are interested in seeing, please contact us and let us know.

We also saw CRM as an opportunity to team up with some of the regional professional associations, and so far we have provided BIOCOM with a map and directory page of their member organizations, which they have included on their new CRO microsite, See the CRO Directory link in the top right for the CRM-based pages.

Company profile information, such as the description and location, is pulled directly from the Scientist database, and any companies that would like to update their information can do so by first creating an account on Scientist’s Backoffice (if they do not already have one), and then going to the Your Company page in the Backoffice.