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Drug Discovery Goes Global: Location of CROs Around the World

Scientist on March 14, 2012

As pharmaceutical and biotech research becomes more externalized, it is becoming increasingly important to know who is doing your research. Some drug discovery researchers are fine having their services done halfway around the world, others prefer a more local approach. After the popularity of our first map that laid out all the research providers in the San Diego area, we developed a new infographic outlining the locations of CROs worldwide. Using our vast database of CRO information, we parsed out the number of CROs by continent and then drilled down into the CRO breakdown in the USA. There are expected results, such as the large number of CROs in the east coast of the US, but there are surprising results too, as can be seen from the growing emerging markets. We look forward to comparing the data now to data years from now; will it stay the same?