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Scientist on February 6, 2023

This installment of Supplier Spotlight® highlights Invicro, an industry-leading imaging CRO supporting the discovery and development of life-changing drugs.

What is your company’s mission?

Invicro’s mission is to transform healthcare via innovative imaging applications and informatics. By visualizing and quantifying biological and pathological processes through advanced imaging applications, we empower our partners to better diagnose, treat and cure disease.

What products and services do you offer?

Invicro, a subsidiary of REALM IDx, provides a multi-disciplinary approach to pharmaceutical and biotech companies across all stages of drug discovery and development. Through imaging and pathology solutions that feature advanced analytics to our biomarker services, we offer cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools and streamlined operations with industry-leading software platforms, VivoQuant® and iPACS®. In addition, we implement pioneering technologies in PSMA-PET, CNS IQ analytics platform and MR SuperRes Analysis.

What problems do you solve?

Invicro designs and implements in vivo imaging and ex vivo pathology studies, specializing in advanced imaging analysis and scientific and operational expertise. Having performed thousands of studies across multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal, our experience runs the gamut of applications. This vast knowledge empowers accelerated research and leads to a better understanding of drug safety and efficacy.

Molecular imaging, a powerful tool for advancing drug development programs, is used across the drug development pipeline to answer biological questions regarding PK/PD, biomarker development and more. The “translatability” of molecular imaging methodologies into the clinical setting allows for the development of biomarker-based companion diagnostics to support go/no-go decisions at early clinical phases.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?

Invicro’s innovative tools and technologies include our radiopharmaceutical therapy and theranostics services, IQ Analytics platform and PSMA-PET capabilities.

Our radiopharmaceutical and theranostics services include:

  • Radiochemistry development
  • Preclinical proof-of-concept studies
  • Investigational New Drug (IND)/Clinical Trial Application (CTA) submission support
  • Seamless transition into the clinic
  • Clinical imaging core lab
  • GMP radiochemistry production and development
  • Dosimetry to provide safety endpoints and quantitative image analysis

Invicro’s IQ Analytics platform helps sponsors and partners derive imaging endpoints with greater power, enabling enhanced readouts for patient stratification and longitudinal analysis. It features:

  • AmyloidIQ and TauIQ for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and DaTIQ for Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
  • Improved analysis with neurogenerative biomarkers through robust disease-driven algorithms, increased statistical power and automated workflows
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant pipelines that reduces variance and enables more accurate decision-making in clinical trials

Our PSMA-PET solutions offer:

  • Complete global core lab support
  • Radiology expertise for study design, image analysis and subspecialty reads (PCWG3)
  • Advanced analytical tools for whole-body image quantification
  • Radiochemistry development and expert guidance on PSMA ligand access and utilization
  • Extensive experience with regulatory filing support

Invicro uses deep learning techniques to support multiple quality control and analysis methods. To illustrate how these methods increase performance, efficiency and objectivity in analysis, take into consideration the specific example of bone lesion segmentation in PSMA PET/CT.

Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) is an active field of research for drug development. The majority (80%+) of mCRPC cases show bone metastases that can be numerous and extensive. Given the complexities of metastases and the importance of 3D segmentation, Invicro’s automated lesion segmentation pipeline features a validated core lab workflow that utilizes classical processing methods with expertise to achieve a comprehensive, clinician-reviewed, multi-class 3D segmentation output for each individual PET scan. The workflow framework is suited to a wide variety of imaging applications.

What are your competitive advantages?

Invicro has the unique ability to support sponsors from radiochemistry development to preclinical imaging to streamlined translation into the clinic with advanced image analysis capabilities. Our team blends innovative image science with proven engineering capabilities to create novel algorithms and quantitative analysis pipelines. Coupled with our extensive experience, Invicro creates custom solutions spanning therapeutic areas and modalities.

Who are your clients?

As a global research partner to academic communities, foundations, pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research organizations (CROs), we support research and drug development across the R&D pipeline.

What new products and services are you developing in 2023?

Invicro’s Advanced Pathology Services is expanding its spatial biology offerings with the upcoming service launches of multiplexed spatial proteomics (Akoya Biosciences) and transcriptomics (10X Genomics). Through these new service launches, our APS team captures and analyzes complex data with advanced imaging to enhance insights for complete spatial solutions to support research from discovery through the clinic.

Our Discovery & Preclinical Services team is launching a new offering with Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) technology in collaboration with Emit Imaging. CFT, an ex vivo imaging technique that bolsters the visualization of cell clusters, isolated organs and whole animals, supports research spanning all therapeutic areas. CFT bridges the gap between subcellular/cellular microscopy and whole-body imaging modalities by capturing 2D fluorescent and white light images and compiling them into 3D images.

Where are your laboratories and offices located?

Invicro operates nine global laboratories and sites with locations in Massachusetts, Michigan, California and Connecticut in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, India, Japan and China.

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