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Cresset Discovery

Scientist on February 16, 2022

This Supplier Spotlight® highlights Cresset Discovery, your scientific partner for molecule design that will assist you in discovering, designing, and optimizing small molecules.

What is your company’s mission?
Our mission is to provide world class molecular modeling expertise to help our customers achieve their goals. Whether that is finding initial chemical material, understanding new protein targets or molecules that are active against them or protecting existing IP. At the heart of everything we do is the drive to ensure our customers only make the molecules that matter, so they optimize time and money to get their product to market more efficiently.

What products and services do you offer?
Cresset Discovery is a contract research organization (CRO) that delivers a variety of computational chemistry techniques, in a collaborative way, to help our client scientists discover or develop new small molecule actives. Outsourced strategic computational chemistry consulting enables companies to benefit from the advantages these methods deliver without committing to significant investment. Our customers also benefit from strategic advice on the direction that their research programs should take.

What problems do you solve?
Cresset Discovery enables companies to increase their chance of discovering new or optimizing existing small molecule actives. Largely, these problems cover a huge range, including hit finding and optimization: potency, efficacy, selectivity, molecular properties and target site identification, etc. By applying expert modeler knowledge to such problems, and selecting from a variety of powerful computational techniques that are deployed appropriately, we enable companies to optimize the value of their research investment by providing insights into the 3D molecular activity of small molecules, often rescuing floundering projects to bring them back on track.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?
We provide flexible, demand driven resources. Our highly skilled research chemists combine their industry knowledge and a range of market leading and as-yet unreleased state-of-the-art computational tools. These include the Flare™ ligand-based and structure-based drug design platform, which is capable of QSAR analysis, Free Energy Perturbation (FEP) calculations, docking, Molecular Dynamics and water analysis; Spark™ bioisostere and R-group replacement solution; and Blaze™ virtual screening platform. More recently, the Torx™ platform for small molecule discovery is being used for enhanced collaboration throughout projects.

What are your competitive advantages?
Unlike integrated CRO providers, Cresset Discovery offers a focused outsource model, where the team maintains a close updated knowledge of innovative methods in the fast-moving computational chemistry sector. Our large team of computational chemists provide unique and different insights to molecule design problems, which are invariably project advancing and career enhancing for our customers.

Who are your clients?
The majority of our customers are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We also work with agrochemical, flavor and fragrance companies. For large companies we can be that addition to your in-house team when you most need it. For small companies who don’t have their own in-house resource we are the bridge in the resource gap.

What new products and services are you developing in 2022?
Building on our 20-year history, we will continue to grow our team of expert molecular modelers. Regular software updates will also continue to be delivered on a regular basis to ensure the project work we undertake is based on innovative techniques and cutting-edge science; this includes improving and extending our capabilities in free energy methods, providing our customers with fast and accurate assessments of compound binding affinities.

Where are your laboratories and offices located?
Our head office is located in Cambridge, UK. We also have computational experts in the USA and Asia. The services we provide are delivered virtually, but we’ve also placed our computational chemist experts at customer site locations to work integrally as part of their team.

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