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Eurofins Discovery

Scientist on November 30, 2021

This Supplier Spotlight® highlights Eurofins Discovery, a global leader in drug discovery products and CRO services offering one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of custom and off-the-shelf solutions – from target identification through candidate selection for small molecules and biotherapeutics.

What is your company’s mission?
At Eurofins Discovery, our partners inspire us to innovate in the pursuit of life-changing cures. We provide the experience, depth, breadth and innovative testing services and product tools to support researchers in their endeavors to accelerate the discovery and development of candidate molecules. Our global team of dedicated scientists, information analysts and client support professionals make this mission possible.

What products and services do you offer?
In the pursuit of new medicines, Eurofins Discovery offers among the industry’s best and broadest collection of discovery products and services. Highlights:

  • RESOURCE RICH: Offering a portfolio of over 8,000 products and services for small molecule and biologic drug discovery
  • FOUNDATIONAL STRENGTH: Operating 8 sites worldwide to provide key areas of research and drug discovery development to client-partners
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Focusing on supporting partner-customers from target identification through pre-clinical candidate selection

GETTING RESULTS: We provide a cross-disciplinary team and leading-edge scientific tools with across a broad range of key therapeutic areas, including:

  • Medicinal, synthetic, and computational chemistry
  • Hit finding, lead optimization and in vitro pharmacology and target safety assessment
  • Bioanalytical characterization
  • Reagent generation and management
  • Protein purification and production
  • ADME-toxicology & safety assessments
  • Translational phenotypic services
  • In vivo models, including access to our new accredited purpose-built vivarium
  • Integrated drug discovery

Wherever you are in the drug discovery path, Eurofins Discovery can partner with you every step of the drug discovery path, and accelerate your path across the finish line.

What key problems does your organization solve?
What distinguishes Eurofins Discovery products and services is that they are designed by scientists for scientists – and created specifically to address the unique challenges of every drug discovery program. We have built and optimized our portfolio to scale with client demands with the latest tools and technology. The result: better, faster and more precise insights to our biotech and pharmaceutical research clients.

With nearly a dozen research sites worldwide, we can deliver Proximity, Capacity, Expertise and Solutions that can make or break the difference.

Where do your services stand out?

  • SUPERIOR LOGISTICS: World-class compound management and logistics, utilizing our established global network
  • CUSTOMER-FIRST APPROACH: Quickest turn-around-time on customer service requests and data reports
  • TAILOR MADE ASSAYS: Flexible models and capacity for custom assay development
  • ACTIONABLE DATA: The broadest portfolio for in vitro pharmacology and cell-based assays
  • FASTER DESIGN CYCLES: Strategically co-located services to provide you with optimized results
  • EXPERIENCED PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Scientific consultation to progress your drug discovery program
  • MULTIPLE TECHNOLOGIES & READ-OUTS: Access to gold-standard methods and innovative technologies (incl. virtual approaches & computational chemistry) to designed efficient drug discovery experimental cascades compatible with the most therapeutically promising target classes (e.g., GPCRs, Kinases, Ion channels)

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?
* Unique collection of 800,000+ compound library for HTS
* First-to-market safety panels
* Leading-edge technologies for bioanalytical characterization and validated assays
* Proprietary platforms for phenotypic screening

What are your competitive advantages?
The Eurofins Discovery Advantage: Continuously high-rated customer support; quickest turn-around-time; and reproducible, high-quality data delivering faster actionable results, saving time and money on discovery by getting it right the first time.

Who are your clients?
Because we partner with scientists at every step – or all steps – in the drug discovery process, we’re proud to call thousands of scientific organizations our partners, and our range of partnerships has been immense:

  • From biotech startups and virtual companies to established big pharma
  • Academic, public research institutes and government agencies
  • Other CROs and CMOs – even our competitors are our clients
  • Venture capital and research foundations for their portfolio companies

What new products and services did you develop in 2021?
Biologics, our newest focus, launched with a dedicated business and scientific team in Summer 2021, specializing in biotherapeutics drug discovery. This means expanded capabilities, including:

  • Developing robust analytical characterization
  • Critical reagent generation and management
  • Scalable protein production available worldwide
  • Accepting custom proposals for 50+ assays including: Fc binding panels, immunogenic assays (ADCC, ADC, ADA, cytokine storm) or manufacturability assessments
  • Antibody discovery to provide extended capacity and expertise in antigen design, immunizations, engineering and optimization.

It’s never status quo at Eurofins Discovery, where we continually evolve to meet the needs of our industry, also for the drug development of small molecules. See for more about new services by target class, research phase and therapeutic area.

Where are your laboratories and offices located?
We are a subdivision of Eurofins Scientific, with over 900 labs across 50 countries. Eurofins Discovery operates an 8-lab network across North America, Europe and the UK as well as APAC.

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