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Translational Applications of MiniPDX: An In Vivo Organoid Assay in New Drug R&D [Webinar Recap]


On November 18, our partners at LIDE Biotech presented information how recent innovations in their MiniPDX technology are leading to important applications for researchers today. Danyi Wen described a novel drug efficacy test using Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) samples to measure drug efficacy and identify therapeutic candidates in personalized oncology treatments. LIDE’s novel MiniPDX is a 7-day, in vivo drug efficacy test for oncology therapeutics. It is the in vivo version of a 3D organoid assay and correlates with traditional PDX by 92%, and with clinical end point at 82%. These high correlations make MiniPDX an effective option to test targeted drugs, chemotherapies, angiogenesis drugs, and more, while demonstrating superior testing times and cost-effectiveness versus traditional PDX. In a clinical setting, MiniPDX, together with next-generation sequencing (NGS), is playing an emerging role in personalized oncology. This technology is important to support researchers in the various challenges they face throughout the drug R&D process.

During the presentation and live Q&A you can expect to learn:

  • How MiniPDX + Omics analysis empower the precision medicine.
  • The pros and cons of functional diagnosis assays (CR, Organoid, MiniPDX, PDX)
  • How to leverage MiniPDX + Omics for the identification of clinical indication
  • The role of K Cell RNAseq + FGI (Functional Genomic Imaging)
  • About the PMed Trial database for AI aided drug discovery


Danyi Wen, MBA, MSc, MD, Founder, President & CEO of Shanghai LIDE Co. Ltd. (LIDE)
Dr. Wen’s research foundation was 12 years at Millennium Pharmaceutical, Biogen-Idec in Boston, MA. In 2007, attracted by the innovation coming from overseas, she returned to China as VP of Biology at Shanghai ChemPartner. She founded Shanghai LIDE Biotech in 2011 to drive research and development in personalized precision medicine.

Learn more about the innovations and services offered by LIDE from the webinar recording.

Watch the webinar here