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Top 8 Innovation Picks on

This month’s Top 8 Innovation Picks represent the most cutting-edge tools, technologies, and services on the planet. Enjoy!


Use 3D spheroid cultures, enriched with stem cells, to screen drug compounds for anti-cancer stem cell activity.

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2. Dynamic Multiple Organ Plate (DMOP)

Predict systemic toxicity by utilizing an integrated mesoscale human multiple organ culture plate.

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3. EVATAR - Menstrual Cycle in a Dish

Understand how drugs affect women differently from men by using organ-on-a-chip technology to simulate female metabolism.

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4. HuMark Translational Platform

Identify biomarkers to help predict patient clinical response.

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5. OrganoPlate®

Grow 3D tissues embedded in an ECM gel or as a perfused tubule in a microfluidic culture plate.

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6. Persomics ImagineArrays™

Edit or silence up to 3,200 genes concurrently in a single assay.

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7. ProteaseTags® Technology

Obtain an optical readout of active proteases in complex biological samples.

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8. The MPS Discovery Engine

Discover MAbs against high-value difficult membrane protein targets.

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