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Life Sciences Incubator Helps Entrepreneurs

Maria Thompson on February 24, 2014
Jo Yeakley runs tests in the lab at Bio, Tech and Beyond as part of her work developing an innovative gene expression system for the startup BioSpyder. Image Credit: Rachel Stine

Published in The Coast News last week, was a great article about how Bio, Tech and Beyond, the darling incubator lab of San Diego, is providing entrepreneurs the tools to turn their ideas into marketable products.

Scientist’s Kevin Lustig, who is also the co-founder of Bio, Tech and Beyond (BTNB) explained “BTNB offers low cost, shared lab space and equipment to lower the barriers to entry for product and business development in the life sciences industry. It is the first community incubator with lab space for rent in San Diego County”.

The facility rents out lab benches and equipment for $400 to $600 per month, less than half of the market rate for such space, according to Dr Lustig. The company receives 20 percent of all grants obtained by companies that rent lab space, while other labs require 60 percent and even as high as 100 percent of grant funds.

Six startup companies with a total of 14 full-time employees are currently renting space in the Carlsbad community lab. Read the full article