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Getting Started on Outsourcing to Asia

You can filter your searches based on location on research marketplaces such as Scientist

If you’re looking to outsource research services, you invariably will come to the decision to keep it local or not. With the growth of the contract and clinical research organizations (CRO) in Asia, it is increasingly becoming the place to go to for cost-effective services. While there is controversy about whether Asia is the best place to outsource, it doesn’t change its status as the go-to destination for preclinical and manufacturing services.1 With hundreds of CROs in Asia to choose from, where does a scientist get started? We’ve compiled a list of organizations and resources to help you get started on outsourcing to a good Asia-based partner.


Association of Contract Research Organizations (ACRO India): a great resource to locate Indian CROs, events, news, and training.

Pan - Asian Clinical Research Association (PACRA): an organization dedicated to clinical research training and education that also lists relevant CROs by country.

Asia CRO Alliance: Group of six CROs from China, Japan, India, Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan dedicated to clinical research


Contract Research Map: a location based map showing CROs in various research hubs worldwide. The following Asian regions are covered: Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Tokyo

CROList: a list of CROs based on country.

Starting on these websites is a great way to become familiar with the options available in Asia. It may be difficult to find what sort of capabilities each has to offer, so using a site like Scientist and applying location filters will help you greatly when outsourcing services.

Have we missed an organization? Please let us know.