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New Service Categories to Catalyze Your Research

Scientist on August 9, 2011

We at Scientist are constantly expanding our database to cover the various areas of drug discovery and development to provide you with the largest online marketplace for pharmaceutical research services and most comprehensive collection of pharmaceutical research service providers.

We’ve added a few new subcategories and generic services to facilitate in your search for reliable vendors and esoteric animal models.

For those of you who are interested in studies of cell viability and growth, we’ve added a new subcategory for Cell Proliferation assay services. We have existing categories for Cell Viability and Cell Cycle assay services but we believe the distinction would serve to be helpful.

In the area of compound logistics, we’ve added a subcategory for Compound Management to support automated operations of compound collections.

Studies in animal models for Thrombosis, Fibrosis, and Cartilage Repair have also been highlighted as subcategories to make it easier to find vendors and request information or quotes for related services.

Furthermore, we offer a service locator feature if you are having trouble finding the particular service you require. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll help find the services you need.