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Dengue Neutralization Kit, Luciferase Reporter

Integral Molecular


  • Type: Neutralization Assay Kit
  • Method: Virus-like particle Neutralization
  • Category: Virus-like Particle
  • Gene Name: DENV CprME
  • Lead Time: 7-10 days
  • Application: Neutralization Assay
  • Subcategory: Reporter Virus Particles
  • Cell Protocol:
  • Strainvariant: DENV1 16007; DENV2 Thailand/16681/84; DENV3 16562 Mahidol; DENV4 TVP360
  • Pseudovirus Tds: Please refer to the lot specific TDS, following this link:
  • Infectivity Protocol:
  • Neutralization Protocol:
  • Cell Storage Temperature: LN2 upon receipt
  • Antibody Storage Temperature: -80 C (+/- 10 C) upon receipt; 4C upon thawing
  • Pseudovirus Storage Temperature: -80 C (+/- 10 C) upon receipt


The Dengue Reporter Virus Particle (RVP) Neutralization Kit allows your lab to screen antibodies or serum for neutralization against dengue serotypes 1-4 in BSL-2 conditions using pseudoinfective particles. The kit includes hs DC-SIGN BHK target cells, 1 mL Dengue 1 (strain 16007) RVPs, 1 mL Dengue 2 (strain 16681) RVPs, 1 mL Dengue 3 (strain 16562) RVPs and 1 mL Dengue 4 (TVP360 ) RVPs. Customer provides own tissue culture plates, cell culture medium and Renilla luciferase substrate kit.


Trial Size Available. Limit 1