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Gold Nanoparticles - Streptavidin, 100 nm, 1 mL, AFDye 647

Luna Nanotech


Nanoparticle Diameter: 100 nm Fluorescence Label: AFDye 647 Volume (@ 10 OD): 1 mL Gold nanoparticles functionalized with Streptavidin. Can be directly conjugated to biotin-AF4unctionalized molecules or substrate Can be labeled with an optional fluorescent dye tag Core diameter: 4 nm – 200 nm Absorbance peak: 520 – 850 nm 5 kDa PEG spacer, 2 kDa PEG backfill Shelf life: > 4 months (4°C storage) Supplied as liquid suspension in PBS


  • Category: Nanoparticles
  • Lead Time: 5-7 days
  • Applications: Assay design, diagnostics, drug delivery, vaccine delivery