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Delphinidin (chloride)

Cayman Chemical

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  • Inchi: InChI=1S/C15H10O7.ClH/c16-7-3-9(17)8-5-12(20)15(22-13(8)4-7)6-1-10(18)14(21)11(19)2-6;/h1-5H,(H5-,16,17,18,19,20,21);1H
  • Purity: ≥97%
  • Raptas: Product Type|Biochemicals|Natural Products||Product Type|Biochemicals|Small Molecule Inhibitors|Acetyltransferases||Research Area|Cardiovascular System|Vasculature|Endothelium||Research Area|Cardiovascular System|Vasculature|Vasodilation||Research Area|Cell Biology|Cell Death|Apoptosis||Research Area|Cell Biology|Cell Signaling|Growth Factor Receptors||Research Area|Cell Biology|Endomembrane System & Vesicular Trafficking|Autophagy||Research Area|Epigenetics, Transcription, & Translation|Writers|Histone Acetylation
  • Smiles: OC1=CC2=C(O)C=C(O)C=C2[O+]=C1C3=CC(O)=C(O)C(O)=C3.[Cl-]
  • Cas Number: 528-53-0
  • Formulation: A crystalline solid
  • Storage Temp: -20
  • Shipping Temp: -20
  • Formula Markup: C15H11O7 • Cl
  • Formula Weight: 338.7
  • Shelf Life Days: 1460


A natural plant pigment which induces the release of nitric oxide by vascular endothelium, causing vasorelaxation; inhibits signaling through EGFRs, suppressing the expression of ERα and inducing both apoptosis and autophagy at a dose of 1-40 μM; inhibits the HAT activities of p300/CBP (IC50 = ~30 μM)