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Recombinant Human CTGFL/WISP-2



CTGFL/WISP-2 is a 28.6 kDa protein that belongs to the CCN family of cysteine-rich regulatory proteins. Members of this family stimulate mitosis, adhesion, apoptosis, extracellular matrix production, growth arrest, and migration of multiple cell types. The protein is expressed in primary osteoblasts, fibroblasts, the ovaries, testes, and heart. In addition to promoting adhesion of osteoblasts, CTGFL/WISP-2 inhibits osteocalcin production, as well as binding of fibrinogen to integrin receptors. Recombinant Human CTGFL/WISP-2 is a 24.3 kDa protein consisting of 228 amino acid residues. Mature human CTGFL/WISP-2 is a 24.8 kDa polypeptide protein containing 227 amino acids. It is composed of 3 distinct domains; the IGF-Binding Protein domain (IGF-BP), the Thrombospondin type I repeat (TSP type I), and von Willebrand Factor C motif (VWFC).


  • Gene Id: 8839
  • Uniprot: O76076
  • Activity: The ED50 was determined by its ability to inhibit IGF-II induced proliferation of MCF-7 is between 10-20 ng/ml in the presence of 15 ng/ml of human IGF-II.
  • Category: RUO Cytokines
  • Subcategory: Growth Factors & Cytokines
  • Research Areas: Angiogenesis/Cardiovascular, Apoptosis, Immune System
  • Alternative Names: Connective Tissue Growth Factor-Like protein, CCN5, CT-58
  • Species of Origin: Human
  • Expression System Source: E.coli