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Monensin sodium salt


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Monensin is a polyether ionophore antibiotic that blocks intracellular protein transport. Monensin exhibits antibiotic, antimalarial, and other biological activities. It is reported to inhibit the proliferation and induce apoptosis of several cancer cell lines.


  • Purity: ≥98%
  • Synonyms: Coban, Monensin, Monensin Monosodium Salt, Monensin-A-Sodium Complex, Rumensin
  • Cas Number: 22373-78-0
  • References: Mollenhauer, H. H., Morré, D. J., & Rowe, L. D. (1990). Alteration of intracellular traffic by monensin; mechanism, specificity and relationship to toxicity. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Reviews on Biomembranes, 1031(2), 225-246 Griffiths, G., Quinn, P., & Warren, G. (1983). Dissection of the Golgi complex. I. Monensin inhibits the transport of viral membrane proteins from medial to trans Golgi cisternae in baby hamster kidney cells infected with Semliki Forest virus. The Journal of Cell Biology, 96(3), 835-850. Ketola, K., Vainio, P., Fey, V., Kallioniemi, O., & Iljin, K. (2010). Monensin is a potent inducer of oxidative stress and inhibitor of androgen signaling leading to apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. Molecular cancer therapeutics, 9(12), 3175-3185.
  • Application: FA
  • Formulation: Crystalline solid
  • Chemical Name: sodium;(2S,3R,4S)-4-[(2S,5R,7S,8R,9S)-2-[(2R,5S)-5-ethyl-5-[(2R,3S,5R)-5-[(2S,3S,5R,6R)-6-hydroxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)-3,5-dimethyloxan-2-yl]-3-methyloxolan-2-yl]oxolan-2-yl]-7-hydroxy-2,8-dimethyl-1,10-dioxaspiro[4.5]decan-9-yl]-3-methoxy-2-methylpentanoate
  • Molecular Weight: 692.9
  • Molecular Formula: C36H61O11 Na
  • Storage Conditions: Product should be kept at -20°C.
  • Pubchem Openeye Can Smiles: CCC1(CCC(O1)C2(CCC3(O2)CC(C(C(O3)C(C)C(C(C)C(=O)[O-])OC)C)O)C)C4C(CC(O4)C5C(CC(C(O5)(CO)O)C)C)C.[Na+]