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Aspirator Bottle (2L),



Borrosilicate Glass bottle, graduated for easy measurements, provided with wide mouth opening and GL 80 thread cap and liner. Rotaflow stopcock fuse in bottom  allows for easy dispensing of reagents. Applications: - Buffer and reagent storage - Sedimentation of particulates during reagent preparation an easy separation through spigot -Use during ELISA as reservoir bottle -Compatible for use with 1/4" ID tubing These heavy-duty, transfer bottles feature a removable, bottom hose connection for convenient, gravity transfer of contents and easy, These bottles can be made to order in 5000 ML and 10000 ML also. Please contact us for details.


  • Product Category: Cell Culture Supplies > Media Storage Bottles > Aspirator bottles, Laboratory Supplies > Aspirators, Cell Culture Supplies, Cell Culture Supplies > Media Storage Bottles