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Human Adiponectin, ADP ELISA Kit

Bioassay Technology Laboratory


Important adipokine involved in the control of fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity, with direct anti-diabetic, anti-atherogenic and anti-inflammatory activities. Stimulates AMPK phosphorylation and activation in the liver and the skeletal muscle, enhancing glucose utilization and fatty-acid combustion. Antagonizes TNF-alpha by negatively regulating its expression in various tissues such as liver and macrophages, and also by counteracting its effects. Inhibits endothelial NF-kappa-B signaling through a cAMP-dependent pathway. May play a role in cell growth, angiogenesis and tissue remodeling by binding and sequestering various growth factors with distinct binding affinities, depending on the type of complex, LMW, MMW or HMW.


  • GeneID: 9370
  • Species: Human
  • Storage: 2-8ºC
  • MASS(Da): 26,414
  • Synonyms: 30 kDa adipocyte complement-related protein;ACRP30;Adipocyte complement-related 30 kDa protein;Adipocyte, C1q and collagen domain-containing protein;Adiponectin;Adipose most abundant gene transcript 1 protein;APM 1;APM1;apM-1;Gelatin-binding protein
  • Assay Time: 1h 30m
  • Assay Type: Sandwich
  • Gene Names: APM1
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Sample Type: Serum, plasma, cell culture supernates
  • Sensitivity: 0.11mg/L
  • Target Protein: APM1
  • Detection Range: 0.2-60mg/L
  • Full Product Name: Adiponectin
  • Standard Solution: 64mg/L
  • UniProt Accession: Q15848