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Phospho-mouse TSC1(T310) Blocking Peptide



  • Format: Peptides are lyophilized in a solid powder format. Peptides can be reconstituted in solution using the appropriate buffer as needed.
  • Gene Id: 64930
  • Category: Peptides; Blocking Peptides
  • Subtitle: Synthetic peptide
  • Gene Name: Tsc1
  • Other Names: Hamartin, Tuberous sclerosis 1 protein homolog, Tsc1, Kiaa0243
  • Availability: 2 weeks
  • Bio Background: In complex with TSC2, inhibits the nutrient-mediated or growth factor-stimulated phosphorylation of S6K1 and EIF4EBP1 by negatively regulating mTORC1 signaling (By similarity). Implicated as a tumor suppressor. Involved in microtubule-mediated protein transport, but this seems to be due to unregulated mTOR signaling (By similarity).
  • Bio References: Kladney, R.D., et al. Cancer Res. 70(21):8937-8947(2010) Sathaliyawala, T., et al. Immunity 33(4):597-606(2010) Scott, C.L., et al. Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol. 299 (4), L455-L471 (2010) : Bartolome, A., et al. Endocrinology 151(7):3084-3094(2010) Squarize, C.H., et al. PLoS ONE 5 (5), E10643 (2010) :
  • Other Accession: NP_075025.2
  • Primary Accession: Q9EP53
  • Targetspecificity: The synthetic peptide sequence is selected from aa 304-316 of MOUSE Tsc1