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First-strand cDNA synthesis, 50 x 20ul Reactions/Unit

Apex Bioresearch Products


  • Category: REAGENTS
  • Keywords: Reverse transcription, first-strand synthesis kit, cDNA kit, iscript
  • Paragraph 1: Apex 5X all-in-one cDNA synthesis supermix is a convenient, ready-to-use formulation of all the reagents necessary for first-strand cDNA synthesis with the exception of the template. This optimized, 5X concentrated reaction master mix contains proprietary Reverse Transcriptase, Ribonuclease Inhibitor, dNTPs and a finely balanced ratio of Oligo(dT)s and random primers.
  • Paragraph 2: Upon completion of the first-strand cDNA synthesis, the cDNA product can be directly applied as a template in a standard PCR/qPCR or placed in long-term storage at -20°C.
  • Bullet Point 1: Simple, fast, and sensitive first-strand cDNA synthesis kit for RT-qPCR or RT-PCR
  • Bullet Point 2: Preblended 5X supermix contains all the necessary components except RNA template for reverse transcription
  • Bullet Point 3: Enhanced, engineered MMLV Rtase has reduced RNase H activity and contains a fidelity-enhancing subunit for superior accuracy
  • Bullet Point 4: Potent blend of RNase inhibitor prevents RNA degradation during reaction setup and reverse transcription
  • Bullet Point 5: Contains optimized blend of oligo(dT) and random primers for complete RNA coverage
  • Bullet Point 6: Complete cDNA synthesis and PCR the same day with 15 minute (for qPCR) or 50 minute (for PCR) cDNA synthesis protocol
  • Bullet Point 7: Both poly(A) + mRNA and total RNA can be used for first?strand cDNA synthesis, but poly(A) + mRNA may give higher yields and improved purity of final
  • Manufacturer Sku: 42-702B