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SPR-499B SPR-499C SPR-499E

Alpha Synuclein S87N Mutant Monomers

Stressmarq Biosciences


Human Recombinant Alpha Synuclein S87N Mutant Monomers


  • Nature: Recombinant
  • Purity: >95%
  • Target: Alpha Synuclein S87N Mutant
  • Category: Protein
  • Conjugate: No Tag
  • References: 1. Masuda-Suzukake et al. 2013. Prion-like Spreading of Pathological α-synuclein in Brain. Brain. 2. Kang, K. et al. 2011. The A53T Mutation is Key in Defining the Differences in the Aggregation Kinetics of Human and Mouse α-synuclein. JACS. 3. Ohgita, T. et al. 2023. Intramolecular Interaction Kinetically Regulates Fibril Formation by Human and Mouse Alpha-Synuclein. Sci Rep 4. Luk, K., C. et al. 2016. Molecular and Biological Compatibility with Host Alpha-Synuclein Influences Fibril Pathogenicity. Cell Rep.
  • Applications: WB | SDS PAGE | In vitro Assay
  • Field of Use: Not for use in humans. Not for use in diagnostics or therapeutics. For research use only.
  • Protein Size: 14.46 kDa
  • Purification: Ion-exchange Purified
  • Concentration: Lot/batch specific. See included datasheet.
  • Protein Length: 140 AA
  • Research Areas: Neuroscience | Neurodegeneration | Alzheimer's Disease | Tangles & Tau | Neuroscience | Neurodegeneration | Parkinson's Disease | Synuclein | Neuroscience | Neurodegeneration | Multiple System Atrophy
  • Storage Buffer: 1X PBS pH 7.4
  • Alternative Names: Alpha Synuclein S87N, Alpha synuclein protein, Alpha-synuclein protein, Non-A beta component of AD amyloid protein, Non-A4 component of amyloid precursor protein, NACP protein, SNCA protein, NACP protein, PARK1 protein, SYN protein, Parkinson's disease familial 1 Protein
  • Cite This Product: Human Recombinant Alpha Synuclein S87N Monomers (StressMarq Biosciences Inc., Victoria BC CANADA, Catalog # SPR-499)
  • Expression System: E. coli
  • Species Full Name: Human
  • Storage Temperature: -80ºC
  • Shipping Temperature: Dry Ice. Shipping note: Product will be shipped separately from other products purchased in the same order.
  • Scientific Background: Human alpha synuclein S87N mutant (HuS87N) has Ser87 mutated to the equivalent mouse residue Asn87, effectively making it a human-mouse chimeric protein. Despite sequence differences at only seven residues, or 5% of the total 140 amino acids, the aggregation rate of wild-type mouse α-syn (MsWT) is faster than wild-type human α-syn (HuWT) in vitro. In wild-type mouse models, MsWT fibrils are more efficient than HuWT fibrils at inducing pathology of endogenous mouse α-syn (1). A53T or S87N substitutions in human α-syn substantially accelerate fibrilization rates in vitro (2,3). Chimeric HuS87N fibrils show enhanced pathogenicity to wild-type mouse neurons, greater than HuWT, HuA53T, and MsWT fibrils (4). HuS87N fibrils can be used as a more human-like alternative to MsWT fibrils to induce equivalent or greater endogenous α-syn seeding and pathology in wild-type mice.
  • Certificate of Analysis: Protein certified >95% pure on SDS-PAGE & Nanodrop analysis