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Recombinant Dengue Virus Subtype 1 & 4 fused Envelope 55kDa



Source : Escherichia Coli. The E.coli derived recombinant 55kDa protein is genetically engineered peptide which is derived from Dengue Type-1 and 4 to be expressed as a fused envelope, each part in this fusion contains 170 a.a (positions 46-217), it is used in ELISA assay. This fusion protein is connected to a 6xHis Tag.Dengue Type-1 and 4 is purified by proprietary chromatographic technique. Caused by one of four closely related virus serotypes of the genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae, each serotype is sufficiently different that there is no cross-protection and epidemics caused by multiple serotypes (hyperendemicity) can occur. In cell culture experiments and mice Morpholino antisense oligos have shown specific activity against Dengue virus.


  • Purification: Protein is >95% pure as determined by 12% PAGE (coomassie staining).
  • Product Content: Phosphate buffered saline, pH-7.4.
  • Storage Condition: Dengue Envelope-1 & 4 Recombinant although stable at 4°C for 1 week, should be stored below -18°C. Please prevent freeze thaw cycles.