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CryoSTUCK® – Cryogenic Laser Labels for Frozen Vials and Containers

GA International Inc.


Designed for long-term preservation in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), these transparent CryoSTUCK® labels are designed for direct, immediate adhesion onto difficult-to-label surfaces such as frozen cryo vials, tubes, and cryo boxes, at temperatures as low as -80°C/-112°F. Also perfect for dry ice transportation, they can withstand temperatures up to +121°C (+250°F), high humidity conditions, and thawing in heated water baths. Printable in most common brands of desktop laser printers to obtain a crisp, scratch-resistant printout that also resists wiping with common sanitizing agents. They can be applied on frozen vials and tubes without needing an overlap, extra lamination, or cure time. Ideal for use in research institutes, clinical laboratories, biobanks, biorepositories, and biotechnology companies.


  • Class: Cryogenic
  • Temperature: From -196°C to +121°C (-321°F to +250°F)
  • Label Size Wxh: 1.26″ x 0.87″ / 32mm x 22.1mm
  • Shipping Weight: 0
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Shipping Width In: 0
  • Shipping Height In: 0
  • Shipping Length In: 0