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Vonoprazan Impurity 28

BOC Sciences

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  • Iupac: 5-phenyl-1H-pyrrole-3-carbaldehyde
  • Smiles: C1=CC=C(C=C1)C2=CC(=CN2)C=O
  • Aliases: 2-phenyl-4-formylpyrrole; 5-Phenylpyrrole-3-carbaldehyde
  • Cas Number: 56448-22-7
  • Molecular Weight: 171.19
  • Molecular Formula: C11H9NO


One of the impurities of Vonoprazan, which is a potassium-competitive acid blocker and has been found to be effective in the treatment of gastroduodenal ulcer and reflux esophagitis.