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Mouse 4931408C20Rik Transomic CRISPR target gene set for gene activation (gRNA+dCas9-VPR)



  • Gene: 4931408C20Rik
  • Gene Id: 210940
  • Markers: Blasticidin, Puromycin, ZsGreen
  • Species: Mouse
  • Category: CRISPR
  • Application: Gene Activation
  • Vector Name: pACT-ALL


Transomic's all-in-one lentiviral vectors for gene activation incorporate a gRNA targeting the gene of interest and the inactive dCas9-VPR complex, eliminating the need for transducing cell lines with multiple vectors. All gRNAs are designed by Transomic and incorporate features of the CRoatan algorithm ( and consider data from ENCODE ( to ensure gRNAs target open DNA tracks for efficient gene activation. Each target gene set includes 3 different constructs targeting the gene of interest and a negative control. Choose from glycerol stock and ready-to-use lentiviral particle formats (100ul of 1x10^6 TU/ml per construct).