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Soyasapogenol A


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  • Purity: 98%
  • Smiles: C[C@]12[C@@]3(C)C([C@]4([C@@](C)(CC3)[C@H](O)[C@H](O)C(C)(C)C4)[H])=CC[C@@]1([C@]5(C)[C@@](CC2)([C@](CO)(C)[C@@H](O)CC5)[H])[H]
  • Category: Compounds
  • Cas Number: 508-01-0
  • Molecular Weight: 474.72
  • Molecular Formula: C30H50O4


Soyasapogenol A shows estrogenic and hepatoprotective activities, it directly prevents apoptosis of hepatocytes, and secondly, inhibits the elevation of plasma TNF-α±, which consequently resulted in the prevention of liver damage in the concanavalin A-induced hepatitis model.

Lead Time: 4 - 5 weeks

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