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YT Broth, 250g

Bio Basic


  • Sap Code: A507016-0250
  • Unspsc Code: 41106200
  • Bbi Code Sku: SD7016.SIZE.250g
  • Unspsc Category: Microbiological Media
  • Storage Conditions: 18 to 25C
  • Tags Search Keywords: Broth; Nutrient media - Rich; E. coli; M13 bacteriophage; YT Broth; Biobasic; Bio Basic; Bio Basics; Biobasics
  • Product Category Level 1: Culture Media
  • Product Category Level 2: Broth
  • Shipping Conditions Rtice: RT


YT Broth: YT and 2×YT medium are optimized for the growth and maintains of M13 phage or other filamentous ssDNA bacteriophages. 2×YT Medium is suitable for the preparation of E.coli strain infected with M13 bacteriophage.