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Terrific Broth, 250g

Bio Basic


  • Sap Code: A507035-0250
  • Unspsc Code: 41106200
  • Bbi Code Sku: SD7035.SIZE.250g
  • Unspsc Category: Microbiological Media
  • Storage Conditions: 18 to 25C
  • Tags Search Keywords: Broth; Nutrient media - Rich; E. coli; Terrific Broth; Biobasic; Bio Basic; Bio Basics; Biobasics
  • Product Category Level 1: Culture Media
  • Product Category Level 2: Broth
  • Shipping Conditions Rtice: RT


Terrific Broth: Terrific Broth was developed by Tartoff and Hobbs to increase yields in plasmid bearing Escherichia coli. Terrific Broth is an enriched medium, which helps the recombinant strains of E.coli maintain an extended growth phase. The large amount of tryptone and yeast extract in the medium allows the bacteria to produce a higher plasmid yield. The tryptone and yeast extracts also provide additional nutrients and growth factors required for enhanced growth of recombinant strains of E.coli. Glycerol is added as an additional carbonhydrate source in this medium. The potassium phosphates are present to prevent a drop in pH of the medium during bacterial growth.