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GNE-617 hydrochloride (1362154-70-8 free base)


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  • Purity: 98%
  • Smiles: FC1=CC(F)=CC(S(C2=CC=C(C/N=C(O)/C3=CN4C=CN=C4C=C3)C=C2)(=O)=O)=C1.Cl
  • Category: Compounds
  • Cas Number: T22801
  • Molecular Weight: 463.88
  • Molecular Formula: C21H16ClF2N3O3S


GNE-617 hydrochloride is a potent and competitive inhibitor of nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (IC50: 5nM). GNE-617 hydrochloride reduces the NAD levels in a > 95% reduction in both NAPRT1-deficient and NAPRT1-proficient cell lines and exerts (EC50: 0.54nM to 4.69nM).

Lead Time: 4 - 5 weeks

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