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Teneligliptin hydrobromide hydrate


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  • Purity: 98%
  • Category: Compounds
  • Cas Number: 1572583-29-9
  • Molecular Weight: 426.58
  • Molecular Formula: C22H30N6OS
  • Pubchem Openeye Can Smiles: CC1=NN(C(=C1)N2CCN(CC2)C3CC(NC3)C(=O)N4CCSC4)C5=CC=CC=C5.O.Br


Teneligliptin hydrobromide hydrate is a potent, competitive, and long-lasting DPP-4 inhibitor, which competitively inhibits human plasma, rat plasma, and human recombinant DPP-4 in vitro, with IC 50 s of approximately 1 nM [1].

Lead Time: 4 - 5 weeks

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