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RayBio® Human/Mouse/Rat Angiotensin II EIA Kit optimized for serum. Competition-based ELISA on a 96-well strip plate.


  • Alias: Angiotensinogen (Serpin A8) [Cleaved into: Angiotensin-1 (Angiotensin 1-10) (Angiotensin I) (Ang I) Angiotensin-2 (Angiotensin 1-8) (Angiotensin II) (Ang II) Angiotensin-3 (Angiotensin 2-8) (Angiotensin III) (Ang III) (Des-Asp[1]-angiotensin II) Angiotensin-4 (Angiotensin 3-8) (Angiotensin IV) (Ang IV) Angiotensin 1-9 Angiotensin 1-7 Angiotensin 1-5 Angiotensin 1-4]
  • Storage: Standard, Biotinylated Angiotensin II peptide, and Positive Control should be stored at -20°C after arrival. Avoid multiple freeze-thaws. The remaining kit components may be stored at 4°C. Opened Microplate Wells and antibody (Item N) may be stored for up to 1 month at 2° to 8°C. Return unused wells to the pouch containing desiccant pack and reseal along entire edge.
  • Category: ELISA
  • Lead Time: 4 weeks
  • Assay Type: Competitive
  • Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernates, Serum
  • Sensitivity: 0.3 pg/ml
  • Specificity: This kit can theoretically detect all active angiotensins, including ANGI, ANGII, ANGIII and ANGIV as well as inactive angiotensinogen.Cross Reactivity: This EIA kit shows no cross-reactivity with any of the cytokines tested: Ghrelin, Nesfatin, NPY and APC.
  • Subcategory: EIA kits
  • Result Output: Quantitative
  • Detection Range: 0.1-1,000 pg/ml
  • Accession Number: P01019
  • Detection Method: Colorimetric
  • Species Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat