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Human Bile Salt Export Pump, ABCB11 ELISA Kit

Bioassay Technology Laboratory


Catalyzes the transport of the major hydrophobic bile salts, such as taurine and glycine-conjugated cholic acid across the canalicular membrane of hepatocytes in an ATP-dependent manner, therefore participates to hepatic bile acids homeostasis and consequently to lipid homeostasis through regulation of biliary lipid secretion in a bile salts dependent manner (PubMed:16332456, PubMed:22262466, PubMed:15791618, PubMed:18985798, PubMed:19228692, PubMed:20398791, PubMed:24711118, PubMed:29507376, PubMed:20010382, PubMed:32203132). Transports taurine-conjugated bile salts more rapidly than glycine-conjugated bile salts (PubMed:16332456). Also transports non-bile acid compounds, such as pravastatin and fexofenadine in an ATP-dependent manner and may be involved in their biliary excretion (PubMed:15901796, PubMed:18245269).


  • GeneID: 8647
  • Species: Human
  • Storage: 2-8ºC
  • MASS(Da): 146,407
  • Synonyms: ABC16;ABCB11;ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member 11;Bile salt export pump;BRIC2;BSEP;PFIC2;PGY4;SPGP;
  • Assay Time: 1h 30m
  • Assay Type: Sandwich
  • Gene Names: ABCB11
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Sample Type: Serum, plasma, cell culture supernates
  • Sensitivity: 9.52ng/L
  • Target Protein: ABCB11
  • Detection Range: 20-4500ng/L
  • Full Product Name: Bile salt export pump
  • Standard Solution: 4800ng/L
  • UniProt Accession: O95342