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VaporSeal™ Titan™ Sealing Film Starter Kit, Titan Dispenser + 2 Rolls of VaporSeal, 50 Sheets/Roll, Sterile

Alkali Scientific


The dispenser facilitates the quick and easy dispensing of film from a roll allowing microplates to be sealed three times faster than using sheeted films. Cost-effective replacement rolls are sold separately. Ideal for use under the hood; the VaporSeal dispenser minimizes film contamination. Environmentally friendly; no paper liner to remove and discard; utilizes approximately 59% less material than AeraSeal sheeted film Each sheet is separated by an adhesive-free, perforated, color-coded red band The smooth lower surface of the dispenser can be used to seal the film to the plate Dispenser protects unused seals from contamination Lower support prop prevents dispensing bill from contacting surfaces to prevent contamination Replacement rolls can be easily installed by releasing the locking clasps on the dispenser Designed to facilitate air and CO₂ exchange Pore size from 10µm to 50µm Moisture vapor transmission rate = 4,200g/m²/24hr Easy-to-pierce with serological pipets and pipet tips for direct sample recovery