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Recombinant Dengue Virus Subtype 1 Envelope 32kDa



  • Purification: Protein is >95% pure as determined by 12% PAGE (coomassie staining).
  • Product Content: Phosphate buffered saline, pH-7.4.
  • Storage Condition: Dengue Envelope-1 32kDa although stable at 4°C for 1 week, should be stored below -18°C. Please prevent freeze thaw cycles.


Source : E.coli. Recombinant Dengue Virus Subtype 1 Envelope 32kDa containing domains I+II of the dengue envelope, produced in E.coli and fused with a 6xHis Tag. Dengue fever is affected by 1 of 4 closely linked virus serotypes of the genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae. One might have dengue fever infected by the different serotype virus after the primary infection. Detection of particular antibodies to dengue viruses is used for the diagnosis in clinic. Recently, lateral flow rapid test products have become a most suitable and known method in the clinical diagnosis. Though, there is difficulty for manufacturers to have the dengue antigens with a whole coverage for Dengue IgG & IgM recognition for all 4 serotype infections as well as with colloid gold binding ability. 8 dengue antigens have been established for the lateral flow products which are well defined for their coverage of dengue IgG & IgM recognition. The researcher can select the products below based on their own specific application.