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Human Cancer/Testis Antigen 1, CTAG1A ELISA Kit

Bioassay Technology Laboratory


Cancer/testis antigen 1 also known as LAGE2 or LAGE2B is a protein that in humans is encoded by the CTAG1B gene. It is most often referenced by its alias NY-ESO-1. Cancer/Testis Antigen 1B is a protein belonging to the family of Cancer Testis Antigens (CTA) that are expressed in a variety of malignant tumours at the mRNA and protein levels, but also restricted to testicular germ cells in normal adult tissues. A clone of CTAG gene was originally identified by immunological methods in oesophageal carcinoma using patient serum.[6] The aberrant re-expression of CTAs is induced by molecular mechanisms including DNA demethylation, histone post-translational modification, and microRNA-mediated regulation. The effect of DNA demethylation is evident by the capability of demethylating agents, such as 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine, to induce CTAs re-expression in tumour cells but not in normal epithelial cells.


  • GeneID: 1485;246100
  • Species: Human
  • Storage: 2-8ºC
  • MASS(Da): 17,992
  • Synonyms: Autoimmunogenic cancer/testis antigen NY-ESO-1;Cancer/testis antigen 1;Cancer/testis antigen 6.1;CT6.1;CTAG;CTAG1A;ESO1;L antigen family member 2;LAGE-2;LAGE2A;LAGE2B;NY-ESO-1
  • Assay Time: 1h 30m
  • Assay Type: Sandwich
  • Gene Names: CTAG1A; CTAG1B
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Sample Type: Serum, plasma, cell culture supernates
  • Sensitivity: 0.012ng/ml
  • Target Protein: CTAG1A
  • Detection Range: 0.05-20ng/ml
  • Full Product Name: Cancer/testis antigen 1
  • Standard Solution: 24ng/ml
  • UniProt Accession: P78358