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Admera Health Offers Up to 50% Off on Sequencing Services

Admera Health is currently offering various promotions on their services through Save up to 50% off sequencing services, bioinformatics and more. Read below for more details.

Up to 50% Off Sequencing Services

Access the form below and provide your email along with details of sequencing services you outsource. One of our team members will reach out with further instructions.

Admera Health’s Promotions

High Throughput Capabilities

Whole Genome Sequencing starting at $600/sample
Include Promo Code upon request: WGS24
Details: Run WGS on the NovaSeq X Plus for 90GB/sample: $600/sample > 8 samples.
Until 2024-06-30

Admera Health has robust workflows to support high volume and high data throughput

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing starting at $799/sample
Include Promo Code upon request: WGBS24
Details: Run on the NovaSeq X Plus for 90GB raw data/sample (10% PhiX spike-in required): $799/sample > 8 samples.
Until 2024-06-30

10% off DNBSEQ-T7 2x100 Sequence
Details: Run on DNBSEQ-T7 for $3700/lane. Convert Illumina libraries for FREE. Sequence different library types including, but not limited to, 10x, Parse, Stereo-seq, and Illumina libraries.
Until 2024-6-30

10% off NovaSeq X Plus 10B Sequence
Details: $1800 for 375GB data (2.5B PE 2x150).
Until 2024-06-30

$600+ off NovaSeq X Plus 25B: Access Less Cost Per GB
Details: $2799 for 937.5GB data (6.25B PE 2x150 data). With the 25B flow cell, sequencing 10X libraries is cost-efficient, analyzing more cells than ever in a single run.
Until 2024-06-30

20% off your first NGS project
Include Promo Code upon request: 2024NewCustomer20
Details: Valid on projects including DNA-seq, RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, and data analysis. Maximum value of discount not to exceed $10,000. Single use per customer. Not valid on custom orders that require special kits or additional non-standard steps.
Until 2024-06-30

Amplicon Sequencing

Admera Health has optimized workflows to support ultra-low input with challenging samples

25% off Amplicon-seq
Include Promo Code upon request: Amplicon24
Details: Run 2x250bp or 2x300bp full length amplicon sequence at 0.1M PE reads. For research applications relating to 16S/ITS regions, CRISPR Screening, and Antibody Discovery. Starting at $45/sample.
Until 2024-06-30


20% off Total RNA-seq
Include Promo Code upon request: totalRNAseq24
Details: Promotion for Human/Mouse/Rat total RNA-seq. Upgrade to KAPA RNA Hyper Prep with Riboerase kit. Starting at $215/sample.
Until 2024-06-30


7% off Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS)
Include Promo Code upon request: RRBS0424sc
Details: Promotion starting at $250 per sample using Zymo-Seq. Human samples.
Until 2024-6-30

17.5% off ChIPseq
Include Promo Code upon request: CHIPSEQ0424sc
Details: Starting at $150 per sample for investigating histone modifications and chromatin structure. Promotion for Human IPed samples.
Until 2024-6-30

Single-Cell Sequencing

10% off scRNAseq using GEX Flex Panel
Include Promo Code upon request: FLEX0424sc
Details: Unlock whole transcriptome gene expression with 10X Single-Cell GEX Flex starting at $6,720 per every 4 samples sequence 300M PE reads per sample. Minimum 4 samples required
Until 2024-6-30

Bioinformatic Analysis

Up to 50% off Data Analysis Services
Include Promo Code upon request: BIOINF24
Details: Data analysis including DNA, RNA, scRNA sequencing and CRISPR. Contact our team to receive full specifications for your project:
Until 2024-06-30

Why Choose Admera Health?

Admera Health is a research service provider that combines their genomic expertise and bioinformatics to provide expert scientific support, advanced laboratory processes, stringent quality control measures and provides quality project management. Fields they cover include Genomics, Transcriptomics, Bioinformatic Analysis, Single-Cell Sequencing, Epigenomics and Sequencing Only. A full description and complete list of Admera Health’s services can be found on their profile on

Expert Scientific Support, Mature Pipelines, Proven Quality Service, Flexible Sample Types, Industry Leading Turnaround Time, Custom Depth of Coverage, US-Based Operations, High Data Quality, High-Throughput Capabilities and more.

Admera Health, headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, operates all its Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) solutions with high throughput capabilities to accommodate custom coverages.

The team at Admera Health consists of experienced professionals with mature pipelines and customizable workflows. Their pipelines consistently deliver data with industry-leading quality while operating with urgency.

Admera Health’s optimized workflows allow them to support ultra-low input with challenging samples. They uphold high standards in their quality control steps to ensure customers receive high-quality data for their research. Even with their strict quality control, they still support high volume and high data throughput.