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Industry Trends: A Report on the Sourcing of Human Biospecimens for Research

The dynamic landscape of scientific research continues to evolve, driven by innovation in technology, novel methodologies and the growing demand for breakthrough discoveries. Central to many scientific investigations are human biological samples (HBS), which often serve as the foundational materials that critical research is built on. As a trusted platform that handles thousands of requests for HBS annually and has supported access to over 10 million individual human biological samples since 2015, enables the easy, compliant and competitive sourcing of HBS across the biopharma industry.

In 2023, we surveyed service providers, life science researchers and industry professionals on the challenges, opportunities and future of sourcing human biospecimens for research. We supplemented their responses with data gleaned from the platform. This report sheds light on current challenges facing procurement, underscores the importance of staying current with best practices and regulations and explores emerging industry trends, such as what types of samples are in high demand.

The Significance of Staying Informed

Keeping pace with best practices and industry trends when working with HBS is as crucial to individual researchers as it is for large pharmaceutical organizations. Human samples play an indispensable role in drug development. As the demand for personalized medicine and precision research intensifies, the quality, ethics and efficiency of sourcing HBS continues to grow. In this context, our report serves as a compass for scientists navigating the intricate terrain of HBS acquisition, providing valuable insights that may contribute to the robustness and reliability of research outcomes.

Key Insights and Topics Covered in the Report:

Standard definition of human biological samples:

  • The report establishes a clear and comprehensive definition of HBS to enhance consistency and understanding within the scientific community.

Scientific and novel research areas:

  • The report explores the diverse research domains where HBS are instrumental, from biomarker identification to cell and gene therapies.

Considerations and risks:

  • The report delves into the ethical, legal and scientific considerations inherent in the handling of HBS, with a focus on risk mitigation strategies.

Market trends in HBS acquisition:

  • The report analyzes the evolving landscape of HBS procurement, including marketplace data and shifts in demand.’s role in enhancing HBS sourcing:

  • The report highlights the ways can serve as a valuable resource for research organizations and providers, such as biobanks, in optimizing the HBS sourcing process.

Biopharma industry survey results:

  • The report outlines firsthand insights from more than 30 respondents within the biopharma industry, offering a real-world perspective on the challenges and opportunities associated with HBS.

In summary, this report serves as a comprehensive resource for scientists and researchers grappling with the complexities of HBS acquisition. By addressing current challenges, exploring industry trends and offering practical guidance, it empowers individuals and organizations to navigate the intricate world of human biological samples with confidence, ultimately advancing scientific discovery and the betterment of human health.