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HD Biosciences

Scientist on August 17, 2022

This installment of Supplier Spotlight® highlights HD Biosciences, a biology-focused preclinical drug discovery platform based in Shanghai China, with operation facilities in San Diego, California and Cranbury, New Jersey, USA.

What is your company’s mission?
To lead the frontier of biology-focused preclinical drug discovery and development and exceed clients’ expectation with high-quality, cost-effective and efficient services.

What products and services do you offer?
We offer integrated biology-focused drug discovery and development services. (Download HDB Brochure)

  • Drug Target Discovery and Validation - HDB Leading-Edge Capability
    • Advanced Gene Manipulation (AGMTM) Platform for novel target validation, in-depth MOA and POC evaluation
    • CRISPR Technology & Library for base and prime editing
    • Functional Evaluation & Phenotypic characterization in primary cells, iPSC or any chosen cell lines
    • Biomarker Discovery in DNA, RNA, protein and metabolites with histopathology support
  • Hit ID & Lead Discovery Engine - Center of Excellence
    • High Throughput Screening (HTS) with 384 and 1536 well formats and automated robotic system
    • Diversified assay development platforms
    • Centralized compound management for drug discovery and in-house compound library (300K)
    • Immuno-Oncology platform provides comprehensive information for anti-cancer therapy programs
    • Tumor Cell Line Panel Platform with more than 1000 tumor cell lines
    • Bioanalytical platform provides critical and early-stage information to accelerate drug development
  • New Modality – Innovative Drug Discovery Technology
    • Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) R&D enabling platform
    • Cell therapy drug discovery platform
    • Anti-drug Conjugates (ADC) and Antibody Oligo Conjugates (AOC)
    • RNA-targeting molecules
    • Covalent Inhibitors
  • In vivo Pharmacology and Disease Models - Accelerate Your Development
    • Broad therapeutic coverage with >500 ready-to-go disease models
    • Strong development capability with >20 innovative models or platforms added each year
    • Efficient delivery with ~250 projects completed annually
    • PK/PD, ADME & safety assessment services
    • Successful filing experience with >30 successful INDs for FDA/NMPA in the past 3 years

What problems do you solve?

We provide end-to-end solutions from target discovery and validation, hit finding and lead discovery, new modality drug discovery, In vivo pharmacology and disease models to accelerate the drug discovery and development process.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?
HD Biosciences, as one of the global leaders in preclinical drug R&D services, has core competences in all phases of drug discovery research.

Drug Target Validation:< CRISPR based tool box for gene editing; KO/KI, including primary immune cells and iPSC; gRNA library screening; >200 targets validated for go/no-go decision; >1,000 tumor cell lines for drug sensitivity profiling.

Assay & Biology: >1,000 off-the-shelf assays, biochemical, cellular, biophysical, flow cytometry, LC/MS, high content imaging, radiometric and phenotypic functional, to support hit ID, hit to lead, lead discovery and biomarker analysis.

Hit to Lead & Lead Discovery: for the past decade, performed > 100 HTS campaigns and generated 20-30 million data points each year without a single failure; able to perform 1536 screening with automated system; 300K in-house compound and 12K covalent compound collections.

DMPK & Safety: Full spectrum of DMPK/Tox services covering ADME and safety profiling, compound liability, dosing escalation, PK/PD coordination and early tox prediction.

Efficacy Disease Model: 500+ disease models covering oncology/immuno-oncology, fibrosis, NASH, metabolic diseases, inflammation & autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases, kidney diseases, lung/liver/kidney diseases, and eye/ear/skin diseases

What are your competitive advantages?
We are a well-recognized industry leader. At HDB, our core value is to ensure the highest data quality delivered to the clients. The highly integrated and comprehensive discovery platforms, cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation, experienced research teams and efficient deliveries are the most prominent advantages. Our globalized operations in both US and China provide continuity to our drug discovery services, such as during the COVID pandemic.

Who are your clients?

Over the past 18 years, we proudly served over 1000 global clients, ranging from the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, mid-size biotech companies, biotech start-ups, universities to hospitals. With our collaborations many of our clients’ programs have reached to Preclinical Candidate (PCC) selection and beyond.

What new products and services are you developing in 2022?

To ensure the highest quality data delivered and exceed expectations, we are constantly adapting, improving and developing new technologies, adding on new instruments and building up more assays and models. To learn more about our most updated services, please visit

Where are your laboratories and offices located?