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Small Scientist on October 11, 2021

This installment of Supplier Spotlight® is on Sengenics, a functional proteomics company that produces full-length, correctly folded and functional proteins using their patented KREX™ technology.

What is your company’s mission?
Sengenics, a functional proteomics company, leverages its patented KREX™ protein folding technology to facilitate discovery of autoantibody biomarker signatures for drug response prediction, patient stratification and development of companion diagnostics. Our technology ensures that all proteins on our microarrays are full-length, correctly folded and functional, enabling specific and quantitative antibody binding to conformational epitopes.

What services do you offer?
Sengenics offers established and custom protein microarrays for autoantibody biomarker discovery and characterization. Our experienced team will work with you to design and run your study.

What problems do you solve?
Our KREX™ protein folding technology creates correctly folded, full length, functional proteins. Over 90% of antibodies recognize non-linear epitopes and therefore require proteins to be in the correct conformation for recognition. Because our proteins are correctly folded, autoantibody binding to the proteins on our arrays is highly specific, eliminating the problem of high background and non-specific binding. The proteins on our arrays are bound in the same orientation from chip to chip, resulting in exceptional inter- and intra-array reproducibility. This consistency means that even results from different studies can be confidently compared and analyzed together.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?
Sengenics patented KREX™ protein folding technology enables the high-throughput expression of hundreds or even thousands of different proteins where the folding and functionality of the protein is controlled throughout expression, purification and immobilization. This allows us to offer not only established arrays, but to work with our customers and partners to develop custom arrays with our technology. Even notoriously difficult to express and multimeric proteins can be added to our arrays.

What are your competitive advantages?
Due to our protein folding and array manufacturing technology:

• Autoantibody binding to the proteins on our arrays is highly specific with a high signal to noise ratio
• We offer picomolar sensitivity, so only small amounts of sample are required (~10μl)
• Our inter- and intra- array reproducibility is exceptional

Our experienced team will help you design and run your study. Our bioinformatics experts can assist with analysis, and our protein scientists can work with you to create a custom array for your specific needs.

Who are your clients?
We work with researchers in both biopharma and academia who are using autoantibody biomarkers to advance understanding of immuno-oncology, autoimmune and neurological disease.

Our partners and customers use our technology for autoantibody biomarker discovery and characterization, patient stratification, treatment response identification and development of companion diagnostics.

What new products and services are you developing in 2021?
Later this year we will be launching one of our established arrays in a kit format with the aim of making our technology more accessible to a wider audience.

Offices and lab located
We are a global company with offices in Boston, London, Cape Town and Kuala Lumpur. Our primary laboratory facility is currently in Malaysia. We will be opening a new lab facility in Greater Boston in early 2022.

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