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How Preclinical Quality Certifications Help Foster Biopharma-CRO Partnerships [Webinar]

Creating a global standard for preclinical data quality has been a goal of the biopharma industry for a number of years. To address this challenge, we have teamed up with the Enhancing Quality in Preclinical Data (EQIPD) consortium to focus on the important role that preclinical quality certifications can play in fostering biopharma-CRO relationships. Quality certification processes can help CROs demonstrate high quality standards to their current and prospective clients.

In a recent webinar we spoke with several experts to discuss the role the quality certifications play for both supplier and clients as well as ways CROs can become certified. Dr. Thomas Steckler began by bringing an industry perspective to the discussion. Dr. Steckler is the Associate Director of Bioresearch Quality & Compliance at Janssen Pharmaceuticals and a project lead at EQIPD. Then, Dr. Christoph Emmerich, Chief Scientific Officer at PAASP GmbH covered the need for data quality and integrity standards and explained the certification options available through EQIPD. Lastly, Matt McLoughlin, Senior VP of Compliance & Categories at, explained the self-assessment option available through the platform. McLoughlin concluded by introducing several resources to support improved quality standards, including our award winning COMPLi® and VERIF.i® initiatives. COMPLi enables greater levels of visibility, traceability and control related to the sourcing and provision of regulated services and is now used by the majority of the top 24 biopharma. VERIF.i, launched in late 2020, brings independent, on-site pre-assessments of suppliers into the platform to support greater due diligence in regulated services and enable suppliers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

To view a recording of the entire webinar, including the Q&A session, visit the recording