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Cerba Research

Scientist on June 30, 2021

This installment of Supplier Spotlight® is on Cerba Research, who provide custom assay development, GLP laboratory providing bioanalysis assays in the field of histology, immunohistochemistry, and in situ hybridization.

What is your company’s mission?

No one can foresee clinical trial outcomes. But with Cerba Research as your integrated laboratory and diagnostics partner, you can direct the course of your complex trial. From the start, we’ll help you leverage patient data and scientific insight to shape and advance your protocol.

Draw on our vast trial data resources, our global network of specialty laboratories, and the experience of our leading scientific team to set your trial up for success. Our highly specialized custom assays, innovative anatomical pathology biomarker support and biomarker strategies de-risk study conduct and generate the data you need to bring new therapies to light. From translational research to clinical through commercialization, Cerba actuates real-world data to help you reach patients and bring clarity to complex research.

We’re reshaping the role of the clinical laboratory — change the shape of your clinical trial with Cerba Research.

What products and services do you offer?

We offer full-service specialty and central laboratory services, specifically focused on
on anatomical biology, including Immunohistochemistry, multiplex IHC, tissue cross reactivity (TCR), assay validation for new/untested biomarkers in IHC, In Situ Hybridization, Special stains, Nanostring, and Mass Spectrometry.

We also offer a wide array of tissues through our biobank services focused primarily on oncology and solid tumors.

What problems do you solve?

We provide a comprehensive and structured approach to biomarker validation and production in pre-clinical studies including animal tissues, xenografts and stored/biobanked human tissues.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?

Flow Cytometry, IHC and NGS.

What are your competitive advantages?

Cerba Research can help you apply appropriate biomarkers to guide dose selection, mode of action, patient stratification and much more. We assist in development and validation from nonclinical through to Phase I-III clinical trials.

Cerba Research has the scientific and operational expertise to facilitate many different immunotherapy approaches in our fully equipped histopathology laboratory. Working alongside our experts, you’ll have access to cytology, immunohistochemical staining (IHC) and multiplex IHC.

With more than 450 labs worldwide, you won’t have to wait for biomarker information. We integrate routine testing with specialty testing, including flow cytometry, immunohistochemical staining (IHC), multiplex IHC and next-generation sequencing.

Don’t let technology or lack of resources delay your progress. Cerba Research has the ability to sequence 1,000-plus whole human genomes per week. Combined with the tools to analyze FFPE and other low-quality samples, we bring you key insights for disease research.

We understand the unique needs of large pharmaceutical companies and put our diverse experience to work for you. We have worked with the top-10 pharma companies on both large-volume and specialized projects.

Who are your clients?

Biotech, pharma, government and Non-Operating Private Foundations.

What new products and services are you developing in 2021?

We are currently expanding our genomics and IHC capabilities in Asia and the US.

Where are your laboratories and offices located?

Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and Australia.

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