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Scientist on March 6, 2021

This installment of Supplier Spotlight® is on ImmunoPrecise, who are focused on the next generation of antibody discovery, to deliver therapeutically relevant antibodies, in a short period of time, with high probability of succeeding to clinical trials.

What is your company’s mission?

ImmunoPrecise is a full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery company offering species-agnostic advancements such as the B cell Select™ single-cell interrogation technology and DeepDisplay™ custom phage libraries. We operate from a multi-national footprint in Europe and North America to globally supply the full end-to-end suite of antibody discovery services, including the manufacture of recombinant antibodies and other proteins. Our decades of experience and cutting-edge technologies enable unparalleled support of our partners in their quest to bring innovative treatments to the clinic.

What products and services do you offer?

  • Target design and antigen modeling
  • Immunization, including multiple genetic immunization options as well as many species and strains, including transgenic animals
  • Antibody discovery through multiple platforms: B cell selection, phage display and hybridoma
  • Antibody characterization
  • Antibody optimization, including humanization and affinity maturation
  • Protein and antibody manufacturing

What problems does your organization solve?

We offer innovative, adaptable solutions for generating and selecting antibodies against challenging targets. We also bring the full value chain of antibody discovery and related services under one roof, significantly streamlining our clients’ outsourcing processes.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?

  • B cell Select™: Our proprietary B cell screening, sorting and sequencing technology increases the speed of antibody discovery, maintains native antibody pairing, provides antibodies of higher sensitivity and specificity and is applicable to any protein class, including complex therapeutic targets. We have successfully applied this technology, for example, to rodents, rabbits and chickens.
  • DeepDisplay™: A powerful new technology utilizing a combination of Ligand’s OmniAb® transgenic (rodent and chicken) animal platform and ImmunoPrecise’s custom phage display antibody selection results in accelerated human antibody discovery.
  • PolyTope™ mAb discovery: Monoclonal antibodies are derived from several animal species to access a broad epitope coverage. We can exploit multiple antibody formats, valencies and sizes to select antibodies against multiple/rare epitopes. ImmunoPrecise has leveraged the PolyTope advantage to develop a rich SARS CoV-2 antibody portfolio with deep epitope and functional diversity.
  • rPEx™: ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary rPEx™ mammalian protein expression platform facilitates the successful production of difficult to express proteins.

What are your competitive advantages?

  • ImmunoPrecise’s full-service capabilities dramatically reduce the time required for, and the inherent risk associated with, conventional multi-vendor product development.
  • Our team brings broad expertise, innovative thinking, and energizing collaboration to every program.
  • Our partners appreciate our breadth and depth of services and transparent communication from initial discussions through program completion.

Who are your clients?

Pharmaceutical, including a majority of the largest top 20, biotech, diagnostic companies and research institutes.

What new products and services are you developing in 2021?

  • We continue to make advancements to our proprietary B cell Select™ and phage display platforms, which are now being applied in immunized chickens creating an innovative solution for highly conserved targets.
  • ImmunoPrecise’s off-the-shelf product catalog includes new recombinant SARS-CoV-2 proteins and other proteins associated with COVID-19, which are now available for use by researchers globally in the design and discovery of novel therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostic test kits for coronavirus.
  • Researchers can select from multiple, high-quality organoid culture medium additives found in our web shop product catalog, including Wnt surrogate, Noggin and R-spondin 3 fusion proteins.

Where are your laboratories and offices located?

Our laboratories are located in Victoria, BC Canada and Oss and Utrecht in the Netherlands. Our offices are located in Fargo, ND and Cambridge, MA.

How has helped your business?

Transacting through streamlines the contracting process for both our clients and us, decreasing the time it takes to initiate new programs.

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