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Video: Navigating Regulations for Sourcing Human Biological Samples in Russia

Local legislation surrounding the recruitment, collection, storage and distribution (import/export) of human biospecimens for research varies greatly around the world. To address this challenge we worked with a wide variety of clients and suppliers to develop COMPLiĀ®, a compliance solution that meets regulatory standards and improves the sourcing of biospecimens, data and services used for scientific research. To further educate researchers working with human biological samples (HBS), we partnered up with global sourcing partners to better understand how different countries govern the sourcing process in our ongoing webinar series, “COMPLi HBS Legislation Series.”

In the first episode, “Navigating Regulations for Sourcing Human Biological Samples in Russia”, we partnered with National BioService. They shared their expertise in sourcing human samples in Russia, guiding us through the relevant regulations. Watch the recording of the webinar from May 2019 below.