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Go to Main Navigation’s Key Resource in Pandemic: COVID Collaboration Center

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, has developed the COVID Collaboration Center (CCC), a free website that brings together descriptions and links to research projects, laboratory services, reagents, funding sources, clinical trials and other resources that might help in the search for treatments, cures and vaccines for COVID-19.

Created by software developers and scientists, the CCC is intended for scientists and nonscientists to easily sort through the wealth of research information being produced daily on COVID-19. The CCC is divided into eight areas:

  • Research: Academic, biotech and pharma research pre-publications and publications
  • Funding: Non-profit, government and other sources of research funding
  • Trackers: Clinical trial sponsors, investigators and case trackers
  • Literature: Scientific articles, clinical resources and commentary
  • Suppliers: Services and reagents used in Covid-19 research
  • PPE: Non-profits and initiatives for sourcing personal protective equipment
  • Consortia: Other Covid research hubs and support groups
  • Trending: Trending and top-rated resources

The COVID Collaboration Center is being updated regularly with new resources. If you would like to submit a resource or recommend a supplier offering COVID research tools, please visit the site. In addition, you can log in with your LinkedIn credentials to upvote your favorite studies or information you find most valuable.

Read more about the CCC in the San Diego Business Journal.