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Producing High-Quality Antibodies

Scientist on February 1, 2019

Antibodies have re-shaped biomedical researches since their discovery. From research tools to therapeutics and diagnostics, antibodies are indispensable in finding cures for a host of different diseases. In recent years, antibody-based therapeutics have dramatically changed the way we treat diseases, especially in oncology. The recent introduction of platforms has further advanced how antibodies are being used.

One platform — the SMAb — produces with high efficiency, specific, stability and diversity in half the time as other monoclonal antibody development platforms. The innovative, single B-cell antibody culture and screening platform was produced by Yurogen, who specializes in custom rabbit and camelid monoclonal antibody development.

The SMab platform produces high-quality antibodies using peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) or splenocyte cells from immunized rabbits and camelids. The custom antibodies can then be used to enrich and identify positive clones via various function-based funneling strategies that use the primary B cell supernatant to quickly identify positive clones with desired biological properties, making screening throughput easily scalable and highly customizable according to a researcher’s needs.

With cost effectiveness in mind, Yurogen’s efficient mAb screening eliminates repetitive and unnecessary work to save clients time and resources, allowing researchers to get monoclonal antibodies to their antigens in about 18 weeks. A short turnaround time gives researchers an edge in advancing their projects versus competitors.

Over the years, Yurogen has generated antibodies for use in many applications including but not limited to ELISA, western blot, immunofluorescence, thin layer immunoassay, FACS, immunohistochemistry and immuno-oncology. Yurogen, however, is more than an antibody development company. They also offers comprehensive antibody services, such as antigen design, custom peptide synthesis and antibody affinity and humanization.

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