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The Mad Scramble to Fix Microprocessor Security Flaws

Sean Preci on January 6, 2018

By now you’ve probably heard of Spectre and Meltdown, the recently discovered computer security flaws affecting microprocessors in most of the world’s computers; estimates put that number at well over 2 billion. The aptly named flaws affect not only the abovementioned hardware but also servers running cloud-based networks and could allow hackers to steal all levels of information, from the benign to the highly sensitive, such as passwords and personally identifiably information (PII).

While no large-scale breaches associated with the flaws have been reported, chipmakers Intel and AMD and a host of other tech-based companies are scrambling to supply their customers with patches and updates to remedy the immediate problem. You may be asking, what has, an online marketplace that connects researchers and suppliers of scientific services, done to ensure the security of its customers’ private information?

• Our development team worked with our cloud service provider to quickly install patches to address the potential for system-wide security breaches.
• Led by CTO Chris Petersen, our developers have deployed patches to all affected servers.
• Clients and employees alike should expect their respective IT departments or administrators to issue updates and patches for work-related devices.

At we take cybersecurity, data privacy, client confidentiality and PII very seriously. In fact, we are constantly taking every precaution to ensure our security measures and seeking the latest industry-wide certifications and accreditations to remain the leader in the life science online outsourcing market. With a decade of experience building and operating white label and public marketplaces, knows the importance of protecting our clients’ information.