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Digital Vivarium® Platform

Guru Singh on September 11, 2017

Tech Snapshot captures today’s cutting-edge tools and technologies that will help drive drug discovery tomorrow. This edition of Tech Snapshot features: Digital Vivarium® Platform.

The Rising Influence of Living Informatics in Preclinical Research

In the last decade, we have seen technology-enabled smartness and intelligence find its way into our electronic gadgets from inbuilt sensors in your Fitbit device that capture and process your health data to data-driven recommendation algorithms on your on-demand entertainment platforms like Netflix. The consumer world is full of sophisticated technology, but what we have not seen is the utilization of these innovations in preclinical research. Our supplier, Vium, closed this gap by introducing comparable technologies to animal research and changing the way data is gathered and analyzed in Living Informatics, a new field of biomedical informatics.

Inspired by the technological progress in the consumer goods realm, Vium launched Digital Vivarium Platform, incorporating core technology advancements in sensors, automation, and algorithms for processing big data from animal studies. By using this platform, researchers can now dynamically observe data generated from multiple ongoing drug screening animal studies resulting in smarter research decisions. The platform non-invasively captures the physical and behavioral activities of animal subjects in digitally-monitored cages.

You can catch a glimpse of this emerging technology by watching the Tech Snapshot™ video.