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7 Guru Singh on September 6, 2017

This installment of Supplier Spotlight® is on ImmunXperts – a reliable R&D partner for your immunology projects.

What is your company’s mission?

Our company’s mission is to be a reliable R&D partner on all the immunology projects of our clients. We strive to be more than just a service provider and look for a true solution together alongside our clients.

Describe your company’s most popular service offering.

We have 4 main branches of business: Immuno-Oncology, Immunogenicity, Cell Therapy and ImmunAcademy. Our most popular offering is in the immuno-oncology services, such as our MLR assay. However, we are receiving an increasing amount of inquiries for our suppressive and macrophage assays as many of our clients are struggling with these.

Why should customers use your services? Do you save time, money or provide access to innovation?

By working with ImmunXperts, customers can not only save time and money, but they can also access the vast experience and knowledge of our immunology experts. Rather than supply a standard package of assays, we are a partner that works with our clients to help support their projects in a manner that is most beneficial to them. If the customer is strong in the oncology field but has little experience in immunology assays, we can help bring in the expertise necessary for running all assays and do some research to suggest other assays that can possibly be of most use for their project and objective. For customers with a lot of experience and immunology know-how, we provide services where they can outsource the time-consuming routine part of their work so that they can focus on what they do best.

What new services, tools or technologies will you be offering over the next biennium?

We are currently focusing on offering a wider selection of functional assays in the immuno-oncology area, like B lymphocytes and MDSC assays as well as the use of tumors and patient cells in our assays. Based on our customer requests, we are constantly adding new assays to our list of selections. The immuno-oncology field is evolving so fast that it is difficult to say what we will be able to offer in 2 years, but having tests that are more representative and take more factors into account of the immune system is certainly the direction we are headed.

What is your company doing to remain an industry leader?

By working closely with and listening to our clients’ requests and understanding issues they are facing, we are able to offer what the market is currently looking for. Compared to classical CROs, we are more flexible and reactive since we are in a R&D setting, which also naturally puts us in contact with fundamental research initiatives (e.g. around micro-fluidics and 3D in vitro models at the moment). We also have funded collaboration projects involving academia and industry. We also actively seek the latest trends from conferences and publications on a daily basis.

Have you been able to use to increase your business? How has affected the way you do business? has increased our visibility to clients that we had not reached before. While we have a good base of contacts in Europe, has put us into contact with more US clients than before. has also made the process of starting a project even faster because we can now skip the steps of signing many contracts with each client every time we work together.

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