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Innovation Day at MedImmune

Guru Singh on November 12, 2016

We have teamed up with AstraZeneca/MedImmune and other top pharma companies to create a Supplier “Innovation Day” series in which participating suppliers visit a pharma campus, give technical seminars and meet with interested scientists. Innovation Days enable pharma researchers to get detailed technical information about the latest cutting-edge technologies, tools and services, and develop relationships with external experts.

If you are currently a supplier to the pharma client, Innovation Days are an opportunity to highlight your latest innovative offerings and expand your customer base. If you don’t currently work with the pharma client, Innovation Days are a great way to build new relationships.

Below are brief descriptions of the Suppliers that were chosen to present at an Innovation Day held in October on the MedImmune campus in Gaithersburg, MD.

Histowiz’s presentation at the MedImmune Innovation Day.


The company provides a full suite of pathology services: histology work, slide scanning and digitization, and a pathology cloud database. Histowiz has taken digital pathology one step further and created PathologyMap, a database of histology images collected from top research institutions around the globe. PathologyMap enables researchers to search, tag, annotate, share and collaborate with each other saving them their precious time and money.

Pepperprint’s presentation at the Medimmune Innovation Day.


The company provides the new PEPperCHIP® Peptide Microarray platform with an unrivaled content flexibility, signal quality and peptide diversity. PEPperPRINT’s unique peptide microarray platform is based on a completely new approach of combinatorial synthesis.Instead of using standard spotters or lithographic synthesis, this microarray platform prints amino acid microparticles with a custom 24-color laser printer.

PEPperPRINT’s product portfolio is complemented by the fully integrated PEPperMAP® Epitope Mapping and Serum Profiling Services, covering a wide range of applications from full epitope substitution scans to highly multiplexed epitope mappings. The PEPperMAP® service portfolio comprises all microarray-based experiments, data read-out and evaluation as well as a comprehensive report. PEPperMAP® Epitope Mapping and Serum Profiling Services enable you to benefit from the new state-of-the-art peptide microarray standard without any need for lab infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

Crown Bio’s presentation at the MedImmune Innovation Day.

Crown Bioscience

From large-scale in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies of drug candidates, to running surrogate trials in tandem with human clinical trials, CrownBio’s well-characterized Translational Platforms deliver comprehensive and catered solutions for biopharmaceutical companies. CrownBio’s portfolio of cutting edge technologies includes the world’s largest commercial collection of validated Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models.

OcellO’s presentation at the MedImmune Innovation Day.


OcellO offers cancer immunotherapy developers a new, highly powerful tool to select the most promising drugs at a very early stage in drug development. The availability of this new tool will empower the immunotherapy field, allowing the speedy progression of novel drugs towards clinical development – ultimately benefitting cancer patients.

Personal Genome Diagnostics

Personal Genome Diagnostics envisions a way to use liquid biopsy to monitor success/resistance to checkpoint inhibitors by assessing MSI status and overall mutational burden without the need for tissue. The sample material is circulating tumor DNA shed from tumor tissue into blood. This “liquid biopsy” can be a non-invasive screening tool, saving a patient from undergoing the knife again, and giving real-time snapshots into tumor activity in vivo.

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PharmaLegacy is a CRO providing specialty in-vivo pharmacology services in Oncology (syngeneic, humanized mouse and monkey tumor models), Respiratory (such as acute lung Injury, lung fibrosis and monkey asthma models), Cardiovascular/Metabolic diseases such as liver fibrosis in NHP’s, NASH, stroke, thrombosis, diabetes, obesity in monkeys, and many other inflammatory models such as kidney fibrosis.

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