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Patient Recruitment Services Now Available on

Today, we are excited to announce that we are officially partnering with Leapcure to bring patient recruitment and engagement solutions to’s 10 pharmaceutical research marketplaces. The partnership will provide global clinical recruitment services using Leapcure’s patient engagement platform and will be available immediately to all members of the marketplace.

We are constantly striving to provide more value to the members of our scientific community and we believe that Leapcure’s Adaptive Patient Screening Platform (APSP) will result in higher quality patients, shorter recruitment timelines, and more consistent patient retention throughout the length of your clinical trials and pharmaceutical research projects.

By combining the power of a machine learning recruitment and screening platform with the global reach of their nonprofit and support community partners, Leapcure cuts recruitment time and costs in half. With this new partnership, we hope to provide our members with the ability to make a difficult process as simple and turnkey as the other services offered on our platform.

To get you started, for a limited time Leapcure would like to offer an exclusive discount of 5% on clinical recruitment and retention services to all members.